samedi 7 novembre 2009

A tasting breakfast

Well, let's go.

First article in english, I don't know how many I will write... Sometimes I think, when I won't be tired !

The Friday in Kaohsiung began quite good. Thanks to a really nice breakfast.
Money drove us in a little restaurant.

To order the meal, it's still a bit difficult in chinese, because the menu is, of course, in chinese... And I can't read so well traditionnal chinese (for the moment).

It's why Money ordered for Lina and me. The only thing I said : no egg pleaaaase !

I was not disappointed at all !

(Photo taken October, the 16th)

Can you guess what is it ?

So, in the foreground it's a delicious scoop of mashed potatoes, with its sauce.
Then, we have 3 jam and cheese sandwiches.
And in the background, the drink of the morning, a really good sugar milk.

After such a good breakfast, I was ready for an interesting day of discovering !

8 commentaires:

P a dit…

Your first article in English, great!
I even managed to understand.
Maybe it would be necessary to plan a bilingual version, what do you think of it?

Anonyme a dit…

it looks delicious~!^^
i don't know you introduce kimmen&taiwan here for your family&friends in france !!!(sorry~!=P)

it's such a nice blog!XD
(and google translation is really good for me~haha!)

and now I can really believe you're very busy loool!


by Gina

Thomas a dit…

I should plan that, but... too much work :P

Oh Gina, nice to read you !
Aha, yeah, it's for my family, friends, and also everybody who is interested about Kinmen and Taiwan !

I know Google translation are very veeery useful !
Even for me, for the chinese...

Anonyme a dit…

Je ne vais pas le faire en anglais, mon article, mais moi je veux ça aussi pour mon petit déj'...

Allez bisous,

Anonyme a dit…

Nice article, you can write pretty good in english, some mistakes, but not really important.

I love their breakfast, but can you really eat in the day after all this ! :D

"O Anonyme" of course

( I had to precise it because somebody took my "name" XD )

Anonyme a dit…

haha~glad to see your answer~XD

may next time jill can take you to more places in kimmen ^^


Thomas a dit…

Can I really eat in the day after all this... uh ?

You should take Anonyme 1, and the other... 2, 3 etc...

Gina, you can also show me interesting places in Kinmen !

Anonyme a dit…

oooh Thomas,
I don't want to go out with you anymore!haha=P

interesting places......maybe....

okay,maybe next time after the big test,
and make a better plan~!haha

~Gina XD